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mergers and aquisitions

Scott Ker is an experienced Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Advisor and has developed contact lists with private equity groups and strategic buyers looking for larger investments. He will connect you with diverse opportunities to match your goals and can manage the acquisition process for you from beginning to end.

Scott follows a client-centric approach and takes the time to understand your goals and critical objectives to partner with you to navigate the complexities of selling your business or growing through acquisitions. If you are looking to expand your current footprint, acquire another business, increase your market share or supply chain, Scott’s research methods are set up to uncover companies with the optimal strategic fit for your business, wherever they are located. He will initiate a confidential dialogue with the chosen targets at the appropriate level, provide an estimate of the target’s potential value, consider financial and commercial synergies, and recommend a suitable path.

With Scott’s wealth of mergers and acquisitions experience, he is capable of guiding your business through the most complex mergers and acquisitions scenarios. With a client list that includes public and private companies, private equity funds and the public sector, Scott is an invaluable resource for your business. He knows how to present your business to suitable target prospects in a way that attracts offers and obtain your preferred outcome.

If your business or company is a target for a merger or acquisition and you could profit from working with Scott, contact him today.


The foundation of Scott’s work lies in always doing what is in the best interests of his clients. He not only gives you professional knowledge to accelerate your sale, acquisition or merger, he provides comprehensive advisory insight that only comes with years of experience.

Scott's insight is invaluable for a simple reason: he has done it before. He is a professional who has run his own successful businesses. Having built and sold businesses, acquired companies, been involved in IPOs and completed strategic plans, gives Scott a first-hand understanding when it comes to increasing shareholder value. Drawing from his extensive experience, Scott is able to understand your perspective and advise you creating a tailored business strategy to achieve your outcome.

Scott can analyse your business and present a variety of options to you, such as:


  • Executing strategies to improve business value

  • Identifying areas for improvement

  • Creating a valuation report for your business

  • Automating business processes

  • Working with you to formulate an appropriate exit strategy over a set period of time

  • Analysing data and providing advice

  • Selling your business now, or whether to wait for a more opportune time

  • Options to sell a portion of your business to a targeted buyer with the aim of freeing up some of your capital

  • Potential earnout options that could increase the value of your business over the next 12 months

  • Any other option that is suitable to you and your business

Every business is unique. Contact Scott today to review your business and discuss your goals, plans and options.


Known for his tireless work and dedication to his clients, Scott is highly proactive, motivated and eager throughout the entire sales process. He is against simply listing and advertising and instead makes a point to seek out key industry players.

Gaining an optimum sale figure is one of Scott's highest priorities, as well as providing an impressive exit strategy and long-term plan. Scott will work with his clients from the beginning and assist them in turning the final page of their business journey.


"I strive to stay ahead of the game by always knowing who is in the market to buy. Once I source the appropriate buyers, I present them with an impressive and comprehensive information memorandum. I can ensure absolute professionalism and am proficient in closing deals and achieving the best outcome. I am an experienced, dynamic agent and I want to work with you to produce the best result for your business."

Scott Ker

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