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Partner with Perth's leading business broker

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Selling your business is a time-consuming and complicated process whis is why you need to select a trusted advisor to partner with in the process. But just how do you go about confirming that I am the right broker for you.

reviewing broker credentials

I hold a number of qualifications including a Business Management Certificate, FIN330 Mergers and Acquisitions, Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, Cert IV in construction, Cert IV in Real Estate, and in addition, I am a licensed builder in QLD and a licensed REA in NSW, WA, and QLD. I am based in the Morgan Business Sales Parramatta Office where I assist both buyers and sellers in Sydney and throughout NSW. I am also a member of AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers).

reviewing experience

Making my mark nationally and gaining experience across Australia, my involvement in the industry has seen me successfully sell businesses in all industries including the manufacturing, IT, medical, franchise, and retail sectors. I flourished from construction to project/business management which then led me to start my own real estate, construction, and development company in Queensland in 2006. It was during this time I developed my skills in the Business sales and M&A space, by assessing, acquiring, and diversity in multiple commercial assets and retail opportunities.

What services will I provide you as a broker?

With my wealth of mergers and acquisitions experience, I am capable of guiding your business through the most complex mergers and acquisitions scenarios. With a client list that includes public and private companies, private equity funds, and the public sector, I am an invaluable resource for your business. I know how to present your business to suitable target prospects in a way that attracts offers and obtains your preferred outcome. I have relevant and unique practices in place, that allows me to gain a thorough perception of how your business operates, including market segments, customers and culture. I offer a wide range of business broking and merger and aquisition services including:

  • Executing strategies to improve business value

  • Identifying areas for improvement

  • Creating a valuation report for your business

  • Automating business processes

  • Working with you to formulate an appropriate exit strategy over a set period of time

  • Analysing data and providing advice

  • Selling your business now, or whether to wait for a more opportune time

  • Options to sell a portion of your business to a targeted buyer with the aim of freeing up some of your capital

  • Potential earnout options that could increase the value of your business over the next 12 months

  • Any other option that is suitable to you and your business

dedicated to your successful outcome

Drawing from my extensive experience, I am able to understand your perspective and advise you creating a tailored business strategy to achieve your outcome. I am dedicated to understanding your business inside out, so we can strategically position your business, maximise exposure and negotiate a favorable price for you.

driving Business Value as a Broker

I identify the strengths of your business and highlight your business’s unique features in a way that will attract many buyers/investors. I follow a client-centric approach and take the time to understand your goals and critical objectives to partner with you to navigate the complexities of selling your business or growing through acquisitions. If you are looking to expand your current footprint, acquire another business, increase your market share or supply chain, my research methods are set up to uncover companies with the optimal strategic fit for your business, wherever they are located.

In Conclusion

Selecting the right business broker can accelerate the acquisition process and reduce the stress associated with selling a business. When you ask these questions, you can effectively filter your broker choices to find the right broker for you. If you are ready to get started and are ready to talk to an experienced and professional mergers and acquisitions (M&A) broker in Perth, contact me today.


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