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A rare opportunity exists to acquire an 80% stake in an all Australian business that works with farmers and land holders to create sustainable farms and generate significant quantities of ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units).

  • They are the Australian Industry leader in Scientifically Measured (not modelled) carbon credit creation
  • Their business model with land owners is considered the most attractive and farm friendly in the market
  • All analysis, testing, registration and ongoing costs paid by the land owner
  • They currently have 26,400 hectares of land in registered projects (classed as Cat A)
  • They currently have 34,100 hectares of land under management contract and are in the process of obtaining registration (classed as Cat B)
  • They presently have 200,000 hectares of land that’s been assessed and is under negotiation with landholders (classed as Cat C)
  • Based on today’s market rate of $30 for ACCUs, The revenue from Cat A & B credits is $22,627,500 and the potential revenue from Cat C is $75,000,000 over 25 years
  • Cat C conversion rate to date is 95%


The business model moving forward is to expand by annually introducing another 30 (Cat C) projects for at least the next 5 years. This will increase land under management by 50,000 hectares per year and forecast revenue by $160 million over 25 years plus have access to over 72 million ACCUs.


The projected revenue over the next 25 years at today's rate of $30 per ACCU, is over $160 million

In addition to this, apart from Soil Management, they have the technical expertise to generate additional ACCUs from “all of farm” Carbon credits.

The current owners are seeking an investor/venture capitalist that understands the incredible potential of the Carbon Credit Markets as well as the investment required to secure significant future earnings. 


For a Full Information Memorandum, click here to complete the confidentiality agreement. 

Land Management Business / Carbon Credit Generation

  • A comprehensive and detailed information memorandum is available to approved purchasers only by completing our confidentiality agreement here.

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